Roots. Beginnings. Where it all starts.

My given name is Christina. I am the namesake of my maternal grandmother, Christine Swaim. I am the daughter of Irene Swaim Isley. My granny Chris was a seasoned farmer and tended her family's land each year, mostly alone, well after my grandfather had died. She grew her food, canned it for the winter months, grew beautiful roses, and was an overall hardworking woman. My mother is an artist. She was a respected educator by trade, but a creative force at heart. She inspires me as much as anyone, and I am lucky to have been cut from a mold of creative, diligent, beautiful souls. 

Flowers are my love. Their fading beauty echoes nature as it blooms and wilts, waxes and wanes. I passionately love gathering together the elements of nature and creating something beautiful. I believe we are all here telling our story. I weave my story with flowers and it is my intention to share some of this story with you here.